Non-Bankruptcy Business Workouts and Dissolutions

Sometimes bankruptcy is not the answer for a business. In some situations, when a business files for bankruptcy, new legal problems may arise for the business owners and other individuals with important positions in the business.

In these circumstances, there may be state law options to wind down the corporate affairs under Chapter 55 of the North Carolina General Statutes, or other alternatives which may prove to be more beneficial to the business and to the business owners. Additionally, it may make sense to explore non-bankruptcy options for the company, including negotiations with creditors to try to keep the company out of bankruptcy.

Levy Law Offices has experience in evaluating whether bankruptcy is a good option to wind up the company's legal affairs, or whether non-bankruptcy options should be used. To schedule an initial consultation, please call Levy Law Offices at (919) 846-0125, or complete the contact form on the right-hand column of the website. Levy Law Offices charges $220.00 for the initial consultation in business bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy evaluations. Non-bankruptcy workouts are billed at the rate of $220.00 per hour subject to an initial advance fee which is determined during the initial consultation.